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The Ultimate Personal Brand Machine

Toolkits and Materials

#1 The Self-analysis Assessment Workbook

I am Van who’s been creating content at since May 2020 to help beginners to build their personal brand from scratch. 

Most of my works and experiments revolve around one core question: “How can we present ourselves better in the digital world?”. I am looking for ideas, different tactics and strategies to execute this interesting subject.

I invite you to join this journey by testing the Self-analysis Assessment Workbook, the 1st edition, and how it’ll benefit you personally and professionally.

Complete this Self-analysis Assessment Workbook if you want to:

  • Know your personality type
  • Know your learning style
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know what makes you different (UVP)
  • Know your life passions
  • Be able to craft an elevator pitch
  • Know your life priorities
  • Know your core values

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How to Use the Workbook

Step 1: Download Self-analysis Assessment Workbook, 1st edition

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  2. In case you want to redownload, clear your computer cookies, and refresh this page.

Step 2: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

  1. Download here:  download button instavanory
  2. The page will automatically grant you to software version which is compatible with your current device.

Step 3: Fill in a PDF form using Adobe Reader

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your laptop/device.
  2. Open the Workbook file (.pdf)
  3. To type on the form, choose View > Tools > Fill & Sign > Open
  4. Or find the Tools Icon on the right bar

Step 3: Save and submit your work

  1. After you finish typing and editing, save the file.
  2. Send the file via