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The Power of Persistence: 8 Fascinating Ideas That Will Change Your Life

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Accomplishments feel great. Victories fulfil our journeys.

But does victory have a lot to do with persistence?

Persistence is universal. If you master this principle, you will drive in a strong force of passion, ambition, and great energy. 

Our modern history would not have great achievements and inspired successful stories without persistence.

Here are 8 fascinating ideas on how Persistence will benefit your long-term achievement. 

#1 The Enemy of Failure

Winston Churchill once said: “If you are going through hell, keep going.” 

He successfully led Britain through World War II. The man was recognized for his uplifting speeches, and for his refusal to give in, even when things were going badly.

Perseverance means never give up when things get rough. Think of failure as an experiment. We can’t control the unexpected but we can control our attitude. Working towards results instead.

Goals without persistence will only remain dreams. Train yourself to be determined to overcome mountains.

#2 The Ultimate Energy Booster

Turn on your persevering mode means waking up every day with a burning desire.

Your energy remains high. It transfers everything you do into passion – fun and enthusiastic. Boring tasks become an enjoyable challenge. 

Persistence works like an invisible ecstasy. It keeps you high-performance.

Deep down in your heart and mind, you want “that” so badly. This energy manifests and turns you to a magnet that draws opportunities, and meaningful relationships into your life.

#3 The Tesla of Self-Improvement

People with high persistence commit to their goals, missions, and visions. They stay disciplined even when the progress is hard, time-consuming, or impossible. 

Robert Collier once said: “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Persistence is a foundation of good habits that benefit you in the long run. 

Humans are creatures of habit. Isn’t it hard to break it?

Being persistent will make you stronger, wiser, and unstoppable to go through obstacles and challenges.

Persistence works like an invisible ecstasy. It keeps you high-performance.

#4 The Consistency on Steroid

In business, life, and relationships, consistency is the root of high commitment. You promise to stay the same, deliver the same core value over time, and unchangeable. You stick to your gun.

Persistence means consistency, but you go by the extra mile. You go hard on what you promise.

This quote by Dwayne Johnson will change the way you think of victory:

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

#5 The Catalyst of Movements

Persistence allows you to keep on moving forward. It empowers all your senses. No matter how hard life could get, you deny to give up. You live to give, love, experience and achieve.

Movements bring possibilities and positivities to whatever you’re doing. It energizes you and gets you closer to the things you want to accomplish. 

Persistence is the worst enemy of lethargy. It functions as fuel to your long-term success. 

#6 The Force Behind Notable Masters

Many public figures were admired for their influential stories that inspire us today. But behind closed doors, there are lessons of persistence and perseverance. 

What makes their legacy last over time?

  • Thomas Edison failed 1000 times until he invented the light bulb.
  • Steven Spielberg got rejected 3 times for universities, dropped out, and pursued his career without a degree.
  • Henry Ford went bankrupt and broke 5 times from failed ventures before his automotive innovation.
  • J.K.Rowling was divorced, unemployed, broke, and lived off welfare. Her script was rejected by 12 major publishers before she sold more than 400 million copies of Harry Potter.
  • Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison and never gave up on his fight for freedom and equality. 
  • Eminem, the winner of 13 Grammy Awards, was a high school drop-out, rejected by his father, struggled with bullying, drugs, poverty, and lack of education. 

It was obvious that they have serious determination and tenacity. They didn’t give up but taking control of their destiny.

#7 The Base of Adaptability

There is a thin line between being stubborn and being persistent. Determined people aren’t afraid of change. They highly dislike being in the comfort zone.

Persistence individuals are quick to bounce back. They learn to adapt to new environments and find ways to make things work.

Train yourself to be resilient and flexible. With this current continuously changing world, adaptability is the most rewarding trait that you acquire.

It allows you to survive in any environment.

#8 The Secret of Lifelong Learners

Self-education requires patience and discipline. Persistent people are self-motivated. They wake up with a burning desire to learn, to follow their tactics and strategies, and never let unnecessary things get in their way. 

There’s no success overnight.

People with persistence are curious by nature. They question everything in life and look for the answers. They keep searching for ways to improve every single area in their life.

Bottom Line

You can work on this trait to attract prosperity and abundance into your path. 

It starts by knowing why.

Why are you here?

Why are you doing the things that you do?

What drives you forward?

What makes you wake up with passion and energy?

What fires you up from inside?

Figure out the answer by learning to be persistent. 

Change your mindset.

Change your life.

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