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The Cycle: Follow These 6 Key Principles to Create A Stronger Personal Brand

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Personal branding is not just about what you say, it’s what others say about you.” —Karen Jang

The world has come to a point where everybody has their own devices with a decent Internet connection. You’re now lucky enough to become your own “brand manager”.

But don’t just start it. Start it right. Do it with intention and a strategy while maintaining your authenticity. You’re going to put on some work.

The best way to go about it is to be a great educator — serve and add value to people’s lives. Aim to provide long-term happiness and fulfillment.

Knowing the basic laws of branding will create a strong foundation for your personal brand, but can you differentiate between business branding and personal branding.?

The Personal Branding Cycle: 6 Key Principles to Create Your Personal Brand
The Personal Branding Cycle: 6 Key Principles to Create Your Personal Brand

Master these 6 basic principles below will help you build a great strategy for personal branding success. 

Niche Definition

A niche a marketing compass for your products, services, personalities, industries, or interests that you tailor for a target people or a specialized sector. It narrows down and creates a personalized experience for those who consume.

You put all the eggs in one basket. You focus on one thing but you do it well.

Apply the “Rule Of 1” — One at a time. Stay laser beam focused.

To identify a niche, evaluate your individual assets: skills, expertise, credentials, commitments, passions, talents, presentation, core values, and belief.

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Whether it’s a boss, a coworker, recruiters, friends, clients, or your partner, everyone perceives you differently. We need a huge amount of trust to show our true selves.

This is why positioning is powerful. You create a persona that would fit any situation. It doesn’t mean you are not genuine. You’re just well prepared and well researched.

Marketing is the battle of perceptions. Personal branding is to be the winner of your own image in the mind of others.

The world today provides many options and opportunities, people care for products or services that give unique solutions to their problems or needs. People look for hacks and convenience.

Be a problem solver and foremost, a solution provider. Find out their roadblocks, fill that gap in the marketplace, and win their minds and hearts.

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“A brand is a promise that you make” —Brian Tracy

People must be able to count on what you’re going to deliver. This builds trust. It’s the heart of your reputation

Crafting a great promise requires an understanding of your values, interests, strengths, and personal qualities and persistence over time. People are smart enough to detect a liar.

Live up to your promise of excellence. It’s better to overdeliver to those you serve.

What do you want to be known for? It can be the promise of value of who you are today or can be written as whom you aspire to become.

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First impressions matter.

The messages you want to deliver. The qualities and credibilities you possess. The ability to stand out. The way you look and carry yourself. These attributes can make or break the interests of people who interact with you online or in person.

A made-to-stick name, a logo, a responsive UX website, a slogan, a tagline, social media accounts all in sync, how you dress and communicate, things people talk about you when you aren’t around, the way you make people feel, etc.

If you get these right, you will become a magnet that attracts people and bring opportunities.

Try your best wherever you show up.


We tend to adapt to new changes and reinvent ourselves. We improvise with new messages, new personalities, and new promises. However, this would confuse the target people and those who trust you.

Learn, analyse, and adapt while keeping your promise.

Consistency maintains clarity and confidence. Once you break that promise, people will turn their backs. You appear incompatible and lack persistence. Deliver quality without changing core values constantly.

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Perception Analysis

What you offer, promise, and stand for is the perception of people when they come in contact with you. Your personal brand works like an iceberg: 15% visible above the water and 85% invisible beneath the water.

The visible part is what eyes can see such as logo, name, visual content, slogan, etc. and the invisible is what can be perceived as information such as your values, intellect, and personalities.

Turn your personal brand into a powerful engine that drives people’s emotions and imaginations. It’s the game of perceptions. Know the rules.

Bottom line

This circular process is time-consuming. Work on this cycle nonstop to improve the niche relevance, reposition to position, strengthen promises, upgrade your presentations, stay persistent, and reevaluate the perception analysis.

Keeping this cycle functional maintains the relevance of your personal brand.

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