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10 Positioning Mistakes to Avoid to Build a Stronger Personal Brand (and Do These to Get Better Outcomes)

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Did you find your niche already?

If yes, positioning your personal brand should be the next step.

If no, read this article on “9 Easy Steps to Find Your Niche” to get inspired.

It’s important to build a step-by-step positioning strategy to attract the right people, meet them where they like to hang out, make them aware of your offers, therefore, take action. 

I created this list of 10 common mistakes that you can avoid to establish a trustworthy personal brand in the long run.

#1 You try to be all things to all people

There are millions of people online. Find the relevant target. Serve the right people. When you stand up for everything, you stand up for nothing. Master the rule of one rather than focusing on many things and not exactly specialize in anything.

Pro tip


Choose a target market. Tailor the service and gain a good amount of knowledge and experience in this field or arena. Be a go-to resource of information that people look for, especially when they need help. Provide solutions and make their life easier.

#2 You’re a copycat

Learning and using tactics from the predecessors is normal for beginners. We can copy their strategy, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work. If the market already has someone who fills the need or gap, you will position yourself as a second-string if you’re another copy.

Pro tip

Reinvent the wheel

Learn and analyze the strategy based on your elements and overall performance. Keep testing different methods. Each of us has a significance and distinctiveness. Utilize and make the most out of it. Be your best one-and-only version rather than someone else’s duplicate.

#3 You don’t play by your strengths

Working on your personal brand means hard work. It gets overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re good at, the process might take very long and you could end up feeling burnt out and unmotivated. We have our natural talents and skills to back us up, therefore, ask for assistance when needed.

Pro tip

Outsourcing or asking for help.

Use Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour to find the service you need. Organize, and delegate. Spend time and energy on things within your reach, capabilities, and bring you closer to your goals and visions. However, if you’re a beginner, watch youtube and take free courses that don’t require you to spend a fortune. Start small.

#4 You don’t solve a painful problem

The online market is saturated, overloaded with choices, and information. Standing out by helping your people solve problems, contribute tips, and great hacks to improve their quality of life and business. Offer what you can do but the others can’t. That’s what separates you from the mediocre. 

Pro tip

Find a gap in the market and fulfill it.

Take advantage of the ocean of content, ebooks, videos, podcasts, materials, etc. on Youtube and the internet. Many of them are free. Read books, take courses, join seminars, learn from specialists, etc. to advance your authority. Ask, analyze, research the area that needs to be improved, and find a way to end problems. Be the painkiller. 

#5 You don’t know what makes you different

Personal branding helps market your career, expertise, soft skills, hard skills, experience, etc. into offerings that can bring people from point A to point B, to where they want to be and to what they want to achieve.  In a competitive market today, you need to stand out and be distinctive. 

Pro tip

Find out your Point of Difference

Take personality tests or ask your family, friends, or colleagues to describe your uniqueness in a few words. Write down all the things that you do better than anyone else. What came naturally without you spending much effort? Knowing all these will set you apart from your competitors.

#6 You rush everything

We live in an era where instant gratifications are norms. We crave immediate results. Building an exceptional personal brand takes time to get into people’s minds. And once you’re there, it’s a lot of work to maintain its excellence. Marketing is a battle of perceptions. 

Pro tip:

Don’t panic, breathe, and stay persistent

Work on your goals, missions, and visions every day. When it feels too overwhelming, take a break, and then jump back to the game. Little by little you will build mountains. Train discipline and get rid of distractions and self-doubts.

#7 You’re inconsistent 

People have high demands. Continue producing high-value content, entertaining, educating, and helping your audience to get great outcomes. Inconsistency will break trust and it’s hard to convince them to return. Give them something that they can’t find elsewhere but you.

Pro tip

Don’t quit, work hard, build trust

Consistency allows you to test different methods and find your best ones that work both for you and your audience. Don’t quit even when things get tough. Have a purpose in everything that you do. Make realistic goals that provide real-life results. Consistency creates standards. 

#8 You are desperate and “salesy”

Aggressive marketing and paid ads appear everywhere. There are different forms of “online forcing” people. But do you really want your audience to perceive you as someone who’s a desperate salesperson? Too many calls to action can bring a negative effect. 

Pro tip

Don’t force, invite

Attract people with the inbound method: insightful content, ebooks, blog articles, visual content, social media posts, stories, webinars, giveaways, contests, tips, tutorials, etc. get people to engage with you organically. Get them excited to consume your offerings. Do social media listening to have real connections. 

#9 You neither entertain nor educate

People’s attention spans are getting shorter, especially in the digital world. It’s difficult to impress and keep your audience loyal unless you provide satisfaction. People love convenience. Give them reasons to keep coming back to you.

Pro tip

Keep your audience engaged

Word of mouth and references from friends or family are still the most trusted. Create fun and entertaining visual content using relevant social media platforms. Write insightful blog articles to educate, share ideas, tips, and hacks. If your content is too good, people will share it and it can get viral.

#10 You don’t make people feel special

Use your own stories to connect and relate to people’s emotions. It’s not all about you. Make your audience feel special, too. Humans are attracted to what makes us soft in the heart and challenge our patterns of reasoning. Allow people to be a part of your journey.

Pro tip

Be authentic, share true stories, inspire.

Let your audience be in it. Talk to them. Make them feel like your product and service are tailored just for them. Personalized, authentic, specialized, and full of quality. Deliver good things to their life. Great value lasts.

Bottom line

If you can avoid these 10 common mistakes, you will be able to position your personal brand in a way that draws the intended audience and builds mad loyalty. People are more rational than you thought.

With the market that is full of competitions, varieties, and information overload, people do get picky and once they find out you’re just another mediocre, they won’t come back.

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