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4 Best Personality Tests to Take to Understand Yourself Better

Have you ever been in a situation where people ask what your strengths are and you kinda go blank? “I think I’m good at hmm let me think…” The majority ...
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10 Positioning Mistakes to Avoid to Build a Stronger Personal Brand (and Do These to Get Better Outcomes)

Did you find your niche already? If yes, positioning your personal brand should be the next step. If no, read this article on "9 Easy Steps to Find Your Niche" ...
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The Power of Persistence: 8 Fascinating Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Accomplishments feel great. Victories fulfil our journeys. But does victory have a lot to do with persistence? Persistence is universal. If you master this principle, you will drive in a ...
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Step by Step Check-list and Basic Templates to Create a Powerful Personal Brand Promise

Knowing “why, what, and how” helps transfer your core value into a powerful personal brand promise. Who will benefit from this article? Bloggers, vloggers, influencers, digital marketers, coaches, consultants, freelancers, ...
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How to Identify Your Niche: 9 Easy Steps Anyone Can Follow

Today’s market is extremely demanding, competitive, and saturated. Finding a niche is challenging. But think about business ideas as buses: there’s always one coming. Hence, people look for personalized services ...
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The Cycle: Follow These 6 Key Principles to Create A Stronger Personal Brand

"Personal branding is not just about what you say, it's what others say about you." —Karen Jang The world has come to a point where everybody has their own devices ...
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The Importance of Personal Brand: 8 Laws of Branding that Everyone Should Master by Brian Tracy

We live in a branded world. Everything has a label on it. We study reviews and make a dozen research on the Internet before making a final decision. Our digital ...
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Personal Brand vs Business Brand: 5 Effective Ways to Name your Personal Brand

Choosing a name for your personal brand is fundamental but tricky at the same time. You need to create a name that conveys an overpowering set of features, emotions, and ...
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8 Powerful Tips to Manage Self-Doubt and Go after What You Want

Self-doubt is the enemy of Personal branding. You must be certain about yourself, your abilities, and the capacities to inspire, bring values, solve problems, and help other people. When you ...
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What is Personal Branding? 5 Reasons Why It Becomes So Important in 2020

If you believe only businesses, companies, or corporations should focus on branding. You might want to think again. In the digital world, everyone has a personal brand. No matter you ...
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