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Hi, I’m Van,

It’s my pleasure to know you!

My family and friends thought I had severe brain damage for quitting a good-paying job and moved to Lisbon, Portugal to start all over again from scratch. But only after one year, the Covid-19 global pandemic occurred, the aviation industry was falling. At that moment, I know I should never question my instinct.

I was a diligent world traveler for 5 years who loved waking up in different cities, however, I set that lifestyle aside and willing to move on with a more exciting path. (Serving chicken and beef was a fun job until my back started cracking like a stick)



AS Degree in English Linguistics

Copywriting & Content Marketing

UX Web Design & Digital Strategy


5-year Inflight Experience in Emirates.

High-end Consumer Service


Google, LinkedIn and Hubspot Certified

Digital Branding & Engagement Certifed

My upheaval childhood

Born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. I was blessed to live in the center where the latest technology frequently hit in my city first before spreading out to the rest of the country. I loved anything related to computers and the Internet. It just fascinates me how a piece of the machine can transform the whole world and change the way we communicate. I stalked my first crush through Yahoo messenger so I decided to make the Internet my best friend ever. (Computers don’t cheat on you, mark my words!)

The love for the Internet

Vietnam was extremely impoverished and underdeveloped during the 90s, growing up without a dad and my mum was working her butt off to make sure my brother and I got access to proper education. 

I ran a small blog gossiping about grumpy teachers and it went viral, but it got shut down quickly by the headmaster (a real dream killer). It made me realize how an online presence could make such an impact. I taught myself HTML, PHP, basic web design when Yahoo and Myspace were still relevant. 

I spent more than 10 hours on the computer every day. I was a chronic geek who didn’t get any date.

The Game Changer

Growing up an average kid until just high school: I fell in love with the English language and it turned my entire life to a new chapter. I got accepted for a college that has English Linguistic as a major. There I learned how to speak, write, listen, and read at an advanced level.

This great foundation set a milestone as I was able to access and understand the foremost language of the world’s most liberal treasury – Google. I was able to teach myself plenty of stuff that formal education wouldn’t be able to provide. I started writing on a daily basis.

Emirates and Life in the Sky

I got a golden call to work for Emirates in May 2014. It was a major world airline at the time. I advanced significantly in sales and demanding inflight customer service. The fact that I managed to travel to 45 countries within 5 continents in a short amount of time blows my mind, still. I experienced working in an international environment, adapted, and dealt with various cultures, discovered how to scan people, and hooked on the marketing side of Emirates, a master class when it comes to Marketing & PR. They handle it like no others. 

Fun fact: I had several jobs before aviation: ice cream vendor, waiter, educational assistant, language teacher, blogger. I even got paid by just standing for people to draw on my body. (how shameless!)

My digital journey began

Thanks to a decent aviation career, I acquired several soft skills, high-end customer service, cultural awareness, and with the love the Internet, I now work my way up to become a specialist in Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and Personal Branding.

Today I package all of my skills, experience, talents, insights, passion, and visions into this blog to help online startups, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wishes to establish their online business, do the things they love, and build a personal brand that lasts.

I leverage a range of skills such as content marketing, copywriting, SEO, web design, social media engagement, inbound strategy, digital branding, and conversational growth to give my audience the best experience can be.

There are a lot of research and trials going on behind and scenes, too. I am developing a signature program that merges Personal Brand and Reverse Engineering to provide you a one-on-one experience and tons of support digital materials to get you the outcomes that you desire. 

“Marketing is a battle of perceptions.”

It’s pretty much the same with personal branding – it’s how people perceive you when you’re not there. You can earn authority and make an impact with your online identity. I work extra hard every day to help you with this, through my writing and content.

My last advice for you: You can learn the best strategy in the world, but without taking action, you will never get to where you want to be. 

Start building your Personal Brand today. 

Invest in your own Digital Real Estate.

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