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7 Reasons To Love Mustbe Cowork – Soon To Be The Best Coworking Space in Lisbon 

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Portugal is among 15 countries with the coworking growth per capita by 1.5 and Lisbon is among 40 cities worldwide by coworking growth. At least one new space opens in this sunny capital every 40 days.

Lisbon is on the rise, there is no doubt about it. It has so much to offer: the Mediterranean weather, rich culture, history, pristine beaches, world-class service, great gastronomy, friendly locals, vibrant nightlife and affordable cost of living. It has attracted a lot of digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, tech start-ups, investors and international students to come, work and study and become a part of this emerging Southern European capital.

The Entrance.
Address: Avenida Marquês de Tomar, 92C (near Campo Pequeno)

Mustbe Cowork is a brand new space just opened this year. My friend Eloir Limberger, who I had an article on his living abroad journey, recommended to me this amazing community. I got a free pass for one week just to use the space and all I can say is, it was a fantastic experience. 

#1 It is located in my favorite area – The classy neighborhood of Saldanha. It is considered the Central Business District of Lisbon as many massive corporate buildings and expensive flats are located here. There were some heavy constructions going on recently due to renovations. During weekdays, restaurants and coffee shops are filled with sharply dressed citizens. This local neighborhood is extremely upscale and convenient as you will find everything that you need within half a mile.

#2 What makes Mustbe Cowork different is the generous amount of natural light it provides. Big thanks to the three gigantic roof windows that allow our fellow sun sneaks through. You can even barbecue on the rooftop in the summer with your team or colleagues. As digital workers, we tend to sit too long in the confined space. In Mustbe Cowork, there is enough sunlight that keeps you energized. Natural light improves sleep, enhances mood, supports vision, improves vitamin D levels and encourages creativity. It boosts productivity and joy.

#3 Exceptional customer service. The hospitality of the staff blew me away. I felt at home straight away, amazing convos and ambiance. I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Mustbe Cowork that day, Gustavo Genú. He is an expert in the digital field and marketing strategy. You can find his LinkedIn profile here. He ran his own company Ad Labs which specialized in digital ads. Gustavo is the kind of guy that you can come and put your trust in. He will be your best friend and best consultant.

Mustbe , the Marketplace for co–creators

#4 Mustbe Cowork is built based on 3 pillars: content, networking, and communication. “To share knowledge with the community by creating content, to develop a relationship between people and generate business opportunities among the members, to enhance visibility and promotion for brands and individualities.” Good chances that you will be able to connect with many people from different areas; entrepreneurs, nomads, communicators, business-owners, investors, freelancers, and artists, you name it. There are various events on a daily basis: happy hours, networking, community garden, lunch, and dinners.

#5 Access to Superfast Wifi and 5G. Wireless connection is the backbone of any digital business nowadays. Most of digital workers depend on strong WiFi to do their jobs and earn incomes. I had a great experience with the internet connection in Mustbe Cowork. It was truly responsive and 99% uptime. There are several routers placed above the working desks. They are quite spread out and guarantee that you will get a very fast, reliable and secure wireless network. It is a must-have, must-work utility, not just a nice-to-have. 

Portugal ranks 13 among the Top Countries Worldwide by Coworking Growth Per Capita.
Source: Coworking Resources

#6 You can barbecue and plant your fruits on the rooftop. How amazing is that? Gustavo introduced me to one of his favorite parts of Mustbe Cowork and he was excited for upcoming plans to turn this place into a community garden. Perhaps you can make it organic with your own vegetables and fruits. What about having a barbecue party in the summer? Or just a little getaway with a bottle of cold beer and a cigarette. Sometimes work could get hectic. A rooftop like this is a perfect place to chill, to have a chat or just to calm your head. 

#7 Other great facilities and products that you might not find in other coworking spaces. Apart from the common area: cafeteria, rooftop, standing desks, WCs, etc, Mustbe Cowork set up a creative lounge as well. You can get your ideas, brainstorm and conduct mind maps for productivity. Residents get their own dedicated desks. A nomadic plan allows you to work up to 15 days. A virtual office comes in handy with provided packages. If you are a start-up or want to have your company, try out their private office. You can access your space 24/7, the auditorium and the meeting room, get invitations for Mustbe Exclusive events, networking, and Business Club.

Bottom Line

With such high demand, coworking spaces will continue to grow in Lisbon. To stand out and to make a difference, Mustbe Cowork has what it takes to provide its residents with the unique experience possible. I strongly recommend you to visit their website to book for a free day pass to try out. Gustavo, the owner is an inspiring person. You definitely will fall in love with this place and want to be a part of the community just like I do. 

“If you have the energy to co-create something and the attitude to co-sell it, This Mustbe your marketplace.”

MustBe Cowork
If you have the energy to co-create something and the attitude to co-sell it, this Mustbe your marketplace

Address: Avenida Marquês de Tomar, 92C (near Campo Pequeno)

Visit their Website or Instagram
Phone: +351 914 066 632


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