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7 Advantages of Being A Hidden Omnivert

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The world seems to only know about extroverts and introverts, but what about omniverts? Who on earth are they?

I always consider myself as a massive extrovert, at least before I became a flight attendant. Love the idea of being with people, having all kinds of interests for them. I was definitely a people person. I want to be heard and likable. However, things have changed dramatically as I grow older and wiser with my thoughts and feeling. Am I truly an extrovert?

I am shouting out to all the hidden omniverts. Source Image:

I woke up this morning feeling so energetic. I took a train to one of the local parks, purchased a pack of fried chicken in the mini supermarket and sat down devouring it passionately with pigeons flying over above my head. As I started watching people walking by, I had the intention of feeling liberal and joyful. I am not sure if you have ever heard of the term “omnivert”. In case you are not even in a mood of googling it. Here is the definition I found on Quora: An omnivert is someone who displays classic traits of both introverts and extroverts, in specific situations.

I have no clue who you are, but my aim here is to connect with you somehow, through my stories. I hope you are a bit of a weirdo like me too. What if we celebrated being quirky together? Here are 8 advantages of being a hidden omnivert.

#1 A creepy but blissful observant

I admit that I am myself a creep who loves watching other people from a little corner or anywhere that possible. Like the story of me having takeaway chicken in the park as I watched other humans passing by, I felt independent and autonomous. No one literally gave a damn about your existence. You are invisible and unwanted – true freedom. How cannot you love observing people from this invisible angle? The beauty of the strangers.

#2 Confidence does not mean having to show off the entire time

Being loud is not equal to being great. I had a colleague that is always excited and full of himself, trying to get all the attention whenever he could. It turned out that he was lying all along. In time, his color came out. Unlike introverts, they barely talk but once they do, their words are punchy. It is simple but powerful. Sometimes less is more.

#3 Being omnivert is like being gay – you got the best of both

We are all aware that the LGBT community represents the culture of liberty, coolness, trends, and art. Same with omniverts – they got insights from both worlds. You are extroverted enough to know what is good to be outgoing, a life of the party and full of energy and at the same time, introverted enough to just back off a little bit, embrace the me-time and let the calmness slow you down.

#4 Knowing that it is okay to be unpopular

I wished to have loads of followers on Instagram or Social media in order to be validated among my friends. But that lame time is over. I now enjoy being just nobody. Like the takeaway chicken story above – the act of being invisible – it is so liberating that it becomes addictive. No one literally cares about my existence. I acquire all the privacy that I need. I hope you are lame enough to agree with me on this.

Chameleons might be natural-born omniverts. Source Image:

#5 Alone does not mean lonely

I get that. We as extroverts, want to perceived as approachable, full of life and bubbly. I remember I used to look at a friend of mine and feel sorry for her for being so solitary. Now I feel that for myself, but it actually feels great. Once again, privacy is splendid. All the noises out there, only the time being alone can filter it. Being alone but not appear as lonely is a powerful statement that omniverts can enjoy as long as they breathe.

#6 Know when to let your voice heard

We live in a world full of chatterers but too little of listeners. Being an omnivert grants you access to the secret world of introverts – you learn how to listen effectively. The less you talk, the more you listen, it means the more you comprehend and become wiser – you do not soak up in your own utopia or problems. You barely talk that once you want to deliver something, people get curious and wish to know what you are on about. You do not come out as too common or too basic.

#7 Spotting inauthenticity is a daily job

The fact that being an extrovert gives you the ability to detect when someone tries to deceit you or being inauthentic. While being introvert gives you the ability to analyze and sensing the indifference in someone’s act. You are wise enough to tell if people are real or not.

Bottom line

If I could pick an animal that is a perfect fit for an omnivert, that would be a chameleon. Jokes aside, this chameleon might be even gay. I am not trying to praise this term as something superior or special. I just want to point out that an omnivert is a master of clandestine. They exist among us and we shall now underestimate their power. Look inside you or people that you know, can you spot any hidden omnivert?

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